A basic guide on the benefits of a Non-contact laser marking machine

What are the essential benefits or advantages of a flying Co2 laser marking machine?


With the advent of laser marking technology, the latest innovative machines have been launched into the market. Some of the distinct names of machines are fiber laser marking machines, fly co2 laser marking machines, etc.

In this guide, we will talk about the no-contact laser marking system which uses a well-diversified range of techniques for marking, thereby revealing the high-quality engraving that produces a permanent, non-removable laser mark without the inclusion of any physical contact. Technology and time have delivered us an enormous opportunity where engraving uses the innovative laser marking technology, thereby amplifying the image quality of a product.

Moreover, this flying Co2 laser marking machine or non-contact laser marking machine is mainly known for its durability and high-temperature resistance. Micro-coded marks that resist extreme and high heat are easily applied to various materials. This process does not involve toxic solvents, no such inks or acids are used. On the contrary, other traceable marking techniques such as hand engraving, and inkjet marking machines becomes less discernable as time passes. So, therefore for this reason laser marking machines is mainly called out for products that have lifetime traceability.

Some of the significant advantages of flying Co2 laser marking machine have been vividly described below:-

  • It is easily integrated into the manufacturing line:- We have developed a wide array of laser-based solutions in order to meet the manufacturing requirements and production goals of potential clients. They require a high-speed laser solution that offers desirable results in the long run. The fly processing of laser marking machines is an excellent option.

It has been used across many industries, including wire marking and pharmaceutical, and is also even used in drilling, laser marking, cutting, and welding applications. It also helps you to understand the technology better and is the right solution for your industries. It eliminates the loading and unloading time by synthesizing the laser function at speed, within the manufacturing line. It has offered you both versatility and flexibility.

There is no requirement to prevent the process of production or modify the parts of the laser marking machine. It easily works in coordination with the software and thereby ensures accurate results. The ultimate advantage of this seamless integration is exceptional throughput and helps to buildup efficiency. With the advent of fly technology, the laser marking machine is capable enough to mark the product at a high speed, it offers optimal production and flexibility.

  • It has high-speed capability:- As manufacturers search for quick results, the customers also expect the speed of laser machines as the top priority. The speed at which the laser operates depends mainly on the application and often the automated elements around the laser. We have recently launched a system of an extrusion line that gets operated at 1,000 per minute. In the pharmaceutical industry, speed has been considered an essential requirement. It features two Co2 lasers that use a trepanning process to expand the initial hole on the laser machine. The flying technology has enabled your clients to drill up to 1,40,000 tablets an hour.
  • It is reliable:- The flying Co2 laser marking machines easily integrated into a greater manufacturing line during the production process. This kind of laser marking machine has been considered reliable and robust. Laser applications have been developed for long-term prototype testing to determine the best laser marking machine.
  • It is a no-contact process:- It is not like a mechanical processing machine that is used for mechanical drilling purposes. On the other hand, it is a no-contact process that applies no pressure on the product. This kind of process eliminates the risk of damage and thereby enhances the overall quality of a final product.

Key points to be taken away:-


We have outlined the advantages of fly laser marking technology so that you will be able to fulfill the production goals. These potential benefits have not only improved accuracy but also offered a contactless marking machine.

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