India offers a lot of opportunities for trekking in the regions from where the majestic Himalayan ranges cross. Trekking as an adventure activity in the Indian Himalayas is truly incredible. Where trekking in the Sikkim Himalayas offers you panoramic views of Mount Kangchenjunga, a trek in the Ladakh Himalayas brings you face-to-face with the true beauty of the region. While walking on the Zanskar River is thrilling, visiting its age-old monasteries is enlightening. Going on treks in Kumaon and Garhwal Himalayas combines spirituality with adventure. In some places you also get to see the traditional lifestyle of the people. Whereas in other places the shortest paths stun you with their beauty. Trekking in the Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh offers a chance to see pristine villages, high passes and uncanny natural beauty. Thereby making it an experience to remember forever.


Kangchenjunga Base Camp Trek is one of the most thrilling treks in India. Kangchenjunga at an altitude of 8586 meters and proclaims its glory as the third highest mountain in the wordy climbing this trek, you can enjoy the panoramic views from Frey Peak to Kabure Peak. An 8-day trek, it starts from Yuksom, a sleepy village in West Sikkim. During the trek, you are offered gorgeous views of the Rathong River, gardens of lovely orchids, rare birds and evergreen ferns. The route to Kangchenjunga Base Camp Trek will bring you face-to-face with a famous waterfall on the Paha Khola Bridge. A major attraction awaits you on the first day at Prak Chu River. However, the highlight of this trek is the route that crosses the Dzongri. It takes you past the Tshoka hamlet and then offers panoramic views of Phedang Pass, Pandim, Technician and Zhuponu MounTshoka


Walking on the snow-capped river of Zanskar is an ultimate experience for adventurers who are keen to enjoy trekking in the Ladakh Himalayas. This trek is also called Chadar Trek (chadar means blanket, and the frozen river acts as a blanket).Spring water prevents this icy blanket from completely silting the river, which in some places retains its rapids. The trek goes through shuffling with chadars that break and change color on the river every few hours! A spectacular and at times challenging trek, Chadar Trek offers an opportunity to enjoy the journey of ancient Buddhist monasteries and secluded villages situated in the Trans Zanskar ranges. Then, the trekkers have to make a new trail for trekking on the snow-covered banks to reach a place on the Zanskar River, Where ice is more stable. What sets this trek apart is its unmatched experience. Everything about it is extraordinary: panoramas, atmosphere ,frozen river, caves, unusual camping, sledges and ever-changing sheets.


Gomukh Tapovan Trek can be said to be the best trekking destination in India, as it offers wonderful sightseeing opportunities. And there is a spiritual significance attached to it. The trek along the holy Bhagirathi river takes tourists to the source of the river. Commonly known as Gomukh (meaning cow of the mouth in the local language). Tapovan’s Camp offers some of the rarest destinations in the Himalayas. That is, eight attractive peaks-Bhagirathi. View of Mount Shaving, Chaturangi, Mount Meru, Bhirgupanth and Sudarshan. sight. Several other peaks that offer spectacular views of the Gangotri Glacier are also an attractive part of this trek. The Gomukh Tapovan trek can be done by an amateur, provided they have physical fitness. During the trek, you will also see a large stretch of lush green meadows. The high peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas surround Taloqan, Which in itself is a green, green area. Herds of blue mountain goats ‘Bharal’, are often seen here much to the great delight of trekkers.


One of the most famous treks in Ladakh, the Trekking Trail of Markha Valley features remote mountain passes, sleepy villages, quaint monastic settlements in the silhouette of Kang Yatze Peak. and passes through the mild alpine meadows of Nimalinga. From this point, the trail leads up to Kongmaru La (the highest point of the trek) with gorgeous views of the Karakoram and K2.Most of the villages along the route can be expected to stay in parachute tents, thus the trek is known as the ‘Tea House Trek’. Apart from the excellent contrast of trekking in a cold desert valley, tourists also get a fascinating view of the Zanskar and Ladakh ranges, Kang Yatzy (6400 m) and Stok Kangri (6122 m).This route takes the trekker inside the beautiful Hemis National Park and through two tourist, Ganda La and Kongmaru La. There are many things about this trek that make it as attractive as a part of the trek. For which you need to cross the Markha river whose waters are waist deep.


Quite famous among trekking enthusiasts, the Kuari Pass Trek offers stunning views of the snow-capped peaks of the Greater Himalayan Range. Also known as Lord Curzon Trail, this trek passes through lush green valleys, pristine forests and small villages. Upon reaching the Kuari Pass, the trekker is rewarded with panoramic views of the splendid peaks of Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Kamet, Elephant-Mare Parvat and Dronagiri.

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