Top 5 Trek Destination Near Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is rich in natural beauty. Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by Himalayas, the world’s youngest and highest mountain range, and is home to a diverse flora and wildlife. With two mountain ranges, the Dhauladhar, Pan Panjal, and indeed the Himalayas, it really is destined to be the country’s adventure capital. Trekking, understandably, is at the top of a list of adventure sports available here.


With its own deciduous forests of pines, , and many other types, Himachal Pradesh may rightfully be called the epitome of beauty. Not only that, but the state’s beauty is enhanced by the existence of several large rivers including the  Yamuna.

Trekking in just such a setting is enticing. Though all of the Himachal Pradesh hikes are breathtaking, we have a few favourites that we’d like to highlight with you.


Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass is known for its stunning scenery and diverse terrains which never disappoint. At Chandratal Lake, take in the postcard-like vistas, brave the bone-chilling sensation of a river crossing, take an afternoon nap among the gorgeous wildflowers, and discover serenity.

Hampta Pass teaches you how to cross a stream, how to walk across snow bridges, and how to face the rigours of descending a slick mountain. Hampta Pass is a fully-rounded journey that takes you through a variety of scenery, from woodland to meadows to snow, as well as mountain hazards such as steep terrain and high elevation obstacles. Hampta Mountain is one of Himachal’s top hikes for a variety of reasons.

Friendship Peak Trek

Do you want to see three mountain ranges? The Himalayas, Pir Panjal, and Himachal Pradesh’s Dhauladhar Range may all be seen from Friendship Peak. Friendship Peak is a high-altitude hike that requires no technical expertise or mountaineering experience and reaches a height of 17,352 feet. It does, however, need a high level of physical stamina. You will see a lot of snow and get amazing views of peaks including Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar, Indra Asan, and Deo Tibba throughout these 8 days of trekking.

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek is among Himachal’s most quiet and peaceful trekking destinations, located at the end of the magnificent Parvati valley and recognised for its picturesque features and mythical importance. Kheerganga, home to a modest bathing pool, an appealing heated water fountain, as well as an age-old Shiva shrine, attracts millions of eager hikers each year in pursuit of spiritual and inner peace.

The trekkers shall pass through attractive villages, gorgeous waterfalls, and towering snow-capped mountains on their route to the glistening Kheerganga river. This serpent-shaped waterfall at Rudra Nag is one of the most distinctive panoramas among the trek’s captivating picturesque features.


Pin Parvati Trek

The Pin Parvati trip, which stretches for over 110 kilometres, is one of Himachal’s longest. This pass, which connects the Spiti and Kullu valleys, winds its way past snowy panoramas, rocks, and undulating meadows. This location, which is located at a high altitude, is nearly completely engulfed in frozen snow throughout the year.

The lush green patches, deep alpine forests, colourful flowers, tumbling cascades, and lush green patches are the most appealing aspects of this walk. The parched Spiti Valley solely on a single side as well as the lush pine forest on the other are another outstanding feature of the spectacular Pin Parvati Trek.

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Hike is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most well-known hiking destinations, located near Manali. The journey starts in Old Manali and leads through the age-old settlements of Shanag as well as Burua, which provide absolutely tranquil and pollution-free surroundings to absorb in. The route continues on to the lush Bakartach and Dundi meadows, as well as the green Solang Valley.

You would have had magnificent spectacular views of a plethora of gigantic peaks, notably before arriving at the little alpine reservoir of Beas Kund. Trekkers on the Beas Kund Hike enjoy spending the night in nice tents in Solang Valley.



Guarded stunningly by the highest and youngest mountainous region of the globe, the Himalayan, the Indian region of Himachal is blessed with a wealth of captivating treks. The hikes in Himachal cater to the demands and moods of all hikers by providing every aspect of excitement and pleasure. These hikes lead you through flowing streams, glistening rivers, and lush oak. 

Because the state has simple to challenging climbs with mild to steep terrains, trekking in Himachal normally requires individuals of all ages and levels of competence with high physical fitness. While the Hampta Trekking Route, Bhrigu Lake Journey, Beas Kund Hike, as well as Kheerganga Trek are all easy through moderate treks suitable for beginners,

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