6 Cross-Platform App Development Framework to Use in 2023

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With the changing era, every cross-platform framework app development process has drastically become crucial in the building of mobile applications. A cross-platform or you can say a multiplatform process can help developers with creating apps that can work similarly on various sorts of mobile platforms.

The growing needs have made the process quite popular and have increased the advancement of cross-platform mobile app development company has developed various new tools in the growing market. And with various options, it has become tough to select anyone that can suit the needs profoundly. So, today, we will be helping you to select the correct tool. We have listed the top six best cross-platform development frameworks and features that can make the overall development process seamless. You will also get an answer like why you should pay attention when selecting a different framework for your business.

What is a Cross-Platform App Development Framework? 

Mobile developers use the cross-platform framework to develop native-look-wise apps for various platforms, like iOS and Android by incorporating a single code. Codes that can be easily shared are one of the perks that act as an advantage over native app development. Having a single codebase means that your mobile developers time will be saved, and they do not have to write the codes each time during the operating system, this will help in speeding up the development process.

Our blog will be about programming languages that are based on its features and perks.


It was liberated by Google in the year 2017, Flutter is one of the most used frameworks for building mobile, web, and desktop apps through a single codebase. To develop an app via Flutter, you just have to incorporate the usage of Google’s programming language known as Dart.

React Native

It’s an open-source UI-based software framework, that was developed in the year 2015, it was developed by Meta Platforms, previously Facebook. It’s totally based on Facebook’s JavaScript library React, which allows developers to create a native-rendered cross-platform mobile app.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile was developed by JetBrains for creating Android and iOS applications. This allows you to have a common code that works well between two platforms and write confined codes that are required totally depending upon the platform, like for example, if you’re willing to develop a native UI component or working around some specific- APIs.


It’s an open-source UI that was released in the year 2013. It assists developers in developing enhanced hybrid mobile and web apps by incorporating a blend of native and web tech, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, for Angular, React, and Vue frameworks.


It was launched in the year 2011 and at present it has been taken by Microsoft. It’s an open-source cross-platform app development framework that incorporates C# languages and the .NET framework, which is used for developing apps like Android, iOS, and Windows.


It’s an open-source mobile app development farmwork that came into existence in the year 2014. NativeScript provides you with the freedom to build Android and iOS mobile apps by leveraging the uses of JavaScript, like TypeScript, and frameworks like Angular and Vue.js.

Mentioned above were the top six cross-platform apps for the development process. Now, let’s understand the benefits of incorporating these into the business

Huge fame in the eye of consumer

There’s no hustle of creating separate platforms, a single code can do the magic.

Less Cost 

As the codes are easily re-usable and the agile nature makes it inexpensive for the developers to use. This way, you can easily improve the overall functionality. And you are all set and ready to enhance your ideas on various platforms.

Easy to Maintain 

Also, if there’s any bug in your code, then it can be fixed easily too. Because a single code is used for the development process.

Conclusion: We have mentioned the top six best cross-platform app development frameworks. If you’re looking for a developer who can work around the same, you can contact OrangeMantra, it’s a cross-platform app development company for the development process. Get in touch with us today and avail the perks.

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