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Mailer Boxes

The world has seen an enormous change in people’s perceptions after the COVID-19 pandemic. From remote jobs to online shopping, all are the new normals today. Amid all these changes, companies have to face a big problem: the safe delivery of their products. This problem has one best solution, which is custom mailer boxes.

The shape of the boxes, the durable material, and the inserts in the boxes make them perfect for shipping delicate products. Whether you have to send your delicate glassware or you have to ship clothes, a mailer style of the boxes must be your top priority. 

With custom box mailers, the brands can not only safely transit their products but also promote the brand. You can also increase customers’ experience by giving them products in customized and attractive boxes. Let’s discuss the ability of a mailer-style box to make the shipping of products accessible. 

Safe Transit Of Product 

The main concern of all the brands is to ensure that their customers receive products in sound condition. For this, packaging plays a crucial role. That is why many brands pay special attention while selecting their product boxes, and it is the same reason why so many companies have shifted toward the mailer boxes custom. These boxes marvelously protect the packed items for three reasons: 

Resilient Material

The main thing that makes these boxes highly protective is the raw material. The material used in these boxes is of high quality and has a significant shock-absorptive nature to endure pressure and jolts during shipping. 

Eco-friendly kraft, recyclable cardstock, and layered corrugated material give custom mailers high endurance. The material keeps the boxes immune to collapsing and protects your product from any damage. 

Inserts And Dividers 

Inserts and dividers are the additional parts of the boxes that are used to hold the products in one place. Both are specifically used to keep delicate products such as glassware, perfumes, and related fragile items in perfect condition. 

Perfect Shape 

Another thing that gives printed mailer boxes strength is its perfect shape. These boxes are specifically designed to pack the products for shipping. These boxes have reinforced walls that make them strong. On the other hand, the lid of mailer-style packaging encloses the box opening firmly. This prevents accidental box opening and, hence, product damage. 

Marketing Ability 

Obviously, companies want more than just product protection. Many other benefits can be obtained via packaging. Such as customer attention. Increased sales, product promotion, etc. So let’s discuss them: 

Impressive Design 

The impressive design of the boxes gives an irresistible look to the packaging. Businesses use custom printed business card boxes to make themselves conceivable to the clients. In the same way, a mailer-style box can be used to impress customers.


You must know what appeals to the buyers for an impressive box design. Whether they want an aesthetic look or they are looking for something funky. The box is the first thing the customer notices; the rest of the perception depends on that look. So, the packaging design is unique, which can be profoundly found in mailer-style boxes. 

Your Brand’s Hoarding 

Mailer packaging is your brand’s hoarding. These boxes are printed with your brand logo for promotional purposes. Whenever you send your product, its packaging will tell all about your brand. Like cards in business card boxes wholesale, your mailer packaging can represent your brand.


When people see products in quality packaging with impressive design and looks, they positively perceive that brand. This way, you can increase the value of your product and make customers think about your brand whenever they see it. 


In all types of packaging, the most appealing factor for the brands is its price, whether you need custom business card boxes, display boxes, shipping boxes, or mailer ones. All are required at economical prices to prevent skyrocketing your product prices. Mailer packaging is economical because: 

Recyclable And Compostable Material 

The recyclable material used in box manufacturing reduces the prices. Even if virgin paper is used to manufacture these boxes, its price is comparatively lower than the unsustainable plastic boxes. Also, the used boxes can be recycled, and those boxes can be compensated too. 

Easy To Customize

When packaging is easy to customize, it requires little effort and money for its design. Custom mailer boxes are made from paper materials with the best absorptive nature, allowing easy printing.

You can also add your product and brand information with raised ink which can increase the boxes’ appearance and the worth of your product. 


Mailer boxes are multifaceted and can be used to pack different products. Also, their ability to promote brands makes them an ideal choice for small businesses to promote without spending much on need custom mailer boxes for a one-stop shipping solution. These boxes have the marvelous ability to protect products advertisement. 

What Type Of Business Can Use Custom Mailer Boxes? 

Almost all types of buses can benefit from mailer packaging. The beneficial nature of the boxes and cost-effectiveness make them a perfect choice for all. The following three business types must invest in these custom boxes: 

Brick And Mortar 

The brands only running physical stores can benefit from the custom mailers. Although brick-and-mortar shops do not have to ship products to longer distances, a mailer-style box is an ideal solution for product protection.



For online stores, mailer packaging boxes are a holistic remedy. As in online stores, the problem of product delivery is a big issue. The packaging is the only thing customers encounter in the brand style. Moreover, only the boxes can communicate with the customers. That is why a well-designed mailer box can help online platforms eliminate all shipping problems. 


Bakeries can also use mailer-style packaging because the unique style of the box allows good presentation of the products, a trait that is the primary concern of all bakers. In bakeries, inserts in the boxes play an important role in keeping the product safe. 

You can sell your frosted cupcakes and your macarons in these boxes to keep them fresh and in the actual shape. 

Sum Up!

All brands need custom mailer boxes for a one-stop shipping solution. These boxes have the marvelous ability to protect products so that customers get their orders without any damage. Several businesses can use these boxes for promotion, presentation, saving packaging costs, and grabbing customers’ attention. 

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