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Julian Corrie Broadus


Julian Broadus, born on the 18th of June, 1998 was an infamous American YouTuber, an incredibly well-known American superstar son, as well as a web-based persona. The Broadus family is often referred to as the baby of Snoop Dogg.

The rapper was thrust into the spotlight thanks to the fame and popularity of his father, who was the most well-known American hip-hop performer.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s age

In June of 1998, Julian Broadus was born in the US. He’s 23 years old and weighs 6 feet 4 inches at this post. Snoop Dogg was the father and Laurie Helmond, the mother of Broadus was also the mother to Broadus. Broadus was raised solely by his mom. A paternity test was conducted. Broadus is a half-brother to three brothers: Cordell Broadus, Corde Broadus, and Cori Broadus and he is a stepfather to one step-sister. For his academics, Broadus was a student at Diamond High School and is now attending a college in California.

Julian Broadus Height, Weight & Measurement

Many have also mentioned their father’s appearance; some were quick to note that Julian is prettier than his father. Yet, a few people pointed out that Julian would have precisely the same height as the popular singer. Julian has a size of 6’4 inches tall.

Julian Corrie Broadus weighs about 80kg in all.

Julian Corrie Broadus Wiki/Biography

Julian Broadus was born in California, United States of America He was raised with the assistance of her parents, siblings, and sisters. The family that he was born into is comprised of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. who is known by his show name Snoop Dogg in the world of the professional world, and Laurie Helmond, his mother. Julian Corrie Broadus’ identification is now a topic of discussion as it became known that his father was the singer Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. The popular name is Snoop Dogg. Julian Broadus grew up with his three siblings: Cordell Broadus Cori Broadus, and Corde Broadus. They’re all stars. Julian Broadus attended Diamond’s excessive teachers and attended the University of California.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s net worth is expected to reach around $1 million up to 2023.

Arguments over the truth of this story will be settled in the examination of paternity in which it was revealed that Snoop Dogg is the child’s father. Our research suggests that Snoop Dogg has admitted that he has Julian as his son and must fulfill his duties being a parent. Corrie and her son, who is a California University student, have his father’s love of music. Corrie is an avid internet user and the amount of people who adhere to the position of his father has increased exponentially since details regarding the father’s previous life have come out in the open.

The date of birth: 1998, June 18

Age: Aged 23

Birth nation: United States of America

Height: 6 Feet 4 Inch

Name Julian Broadus

Birth Name Julian Corrie Broadus

Nick Name Julian

Father Snopp Dogg

Mother Laurie Helmond

Nationality American

Birth City/Place United States

Net Valuation $1 Million

Internet Presence Instagram

Julian Corrie Broadus Wiki/Biography

Julian Corrie Broadus’s Ethnicity

Julian is regarded as an American by his nationality. His race is African-American. Son of the singer Snoop Dogg(father) as well as his relationship in love with Laurie Holmond(mother), Julian has three siblings resulting from his father’s numerous marriages. Two brothers are Corde Broadus as well as Cordell Broadus. Broadus also has a step sister Cori Broadus. Corrie Broadus wasn’t married as she was a foster child of his mom, Laurie Holmond. The Broadus family lived on the radar for a while, yet they were unaware of the father of his children. In 2008, Broadus got into the limelight after discovering his real identity. He is a child of a well-known artist Snoop Dogg. Before that, there was just a tiny amount of information on Julian’s early years. An elementary school in which he was a child was never identified. There is a possibility that he was being investigated on the campus in California, LA.

Julian Corrie Broadus Career

Julian Corrie Broadus chose to make his focus on the field of entertainment. The father of his son is following his steps by following the same path in the same direction as his father but with a stronger connection with his distinct style of music. When Julian Corrie Broadus is into R&B and their father’s music, his father, Snoop Dogg, is an expert rapper. Julian has joined the music scene and gained a lot of fame as a musician. There has been a lot of engagement on his Instagram account because of his exemplary work in the field of music. A lot of his followers believe that he can be a successful marketer within the music industry because of his commitment and talents.

Julian Corrie Broadus | Julian Corrie Broadus wiki |Julian Corrie Broadus career | Julian Corrie Broadus net worth | Julian Corrie Broadus Girlfriend

Julian Broadus is a web actor who has gained attention due to the influence of his father’s name, Snoop Dogg. Julian Corrie Broadus enjoys track in the same manner as his father and is determined to go after a track career even though there’s yet to be a strategy to get started on his channels. Julian Corrie Broadus is slightly less taller than his father who is 6’4 inches tall. The height is 5’9 inches. Julian Corrie Broadus probably weighs 70 kg. Ulian Broadus is a well-known social media influencer and gorgeous young man who has attracted women with the stunning photos he posts. Broadus is well-known for sharing gorgeous photos of females through his Instagram account. It’s hard to identify the identity of his lady.

Julian Corrie Broadus Family

In the above paragraph, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is Julian Corrie’s father. He’s known by his stage name, Snoop Dogg. His mother’s name was Lurie Holmond. The story goes that Snoop Dogg dated Laurie during her school days and got engaged to his spouse, Shante. The relationship lasted a long time and culminated in Laurie being pregnant. Laurie eventually revealed to the rapper that she was pregnant. The rapper was unsure how to inform his girlfriend and decided to hide the pregnancy. Laurie in an interview stated that the rapper’s character changed once she got pregnant with Julian after which he took on the entire responsibility. As per the child interview conducted by Laurie the rapper, she brought Snoop before the courtroom, and then he passed the paternity test, to make sure that she made Snoop feel at ease with the baby. While she was there, Julian was only aware of his father’s identity once his mother was set up and allowed to leave the whole thing.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s girlfriend

Concerning his love connection, Julian Corrie Broadus appears to be in love with several people. Gorgeous women appear in his profile on social media. This is why figuring out the person he’s been dating. We have no information on whether or not he’s engaged to anyone. Based on his appearance and style the consensus is that something has to be taking place within this particular area.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s Net worth

The film actor Julian Corrie Broadus comes from a wealthy and impressive family. Julian lives lavishly because of his parents ‘ and father’s wealth. Julian’s net worth will not be revealed until 2021. However, there is a possibility to be at least 1.25 million. Snoop Dogg’s father’s worth is $143 million according to Julian. In contrast, Snoop Dogg’s father’s rumored value is an estimated value of $143 million.

The funds come from his award-winning work as an actor, musician, and online sports. As per Influencer Marketing’s site, the value of the money earned per posting via his Instagram account varies from $129,480 to $215,800 with a zero engagement rate.05 percent and more significant than 65.1 million users. Snoop Dogg splurged millions of dollars in 1994 to purchase a house with eight bedrooms in California. The home, estimated at 6,500 square feet, was adjusted up in price to $1.995 million.

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