Tips to Plan an Interstate Move

Interstate Move

All types of relocations require proper planning be it a household shifting or commercial move. And the responsibilities just get double when you are planning an interstate move. Hiring the best packers and movers is not sufficient to streamline the moving process. You will have to get involved in the process and make it safe and smooth for you. From figuring out how to transport belongings to who you need to notify with some other details to consider, there are a lot of things to do.

In this blog, you will learn the best way to plan an interstate move. Follow the tips and get ready for the upcoming move to another state.

Planning For An Interstate Move

To help you plan an interstate move, we have created this quick and comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know for a smooth interstate move. Just follow the steps and enjoy a hassle-free relocation.

Find out the place where you will live

One of the biggest challenges an individual faces during an interstate relocation is finding the right place to live in a new city. You will have to check out three to four houses or apartments to decide where you want to stay. And if you cannot decide, then you will have to rent a house for the initial days so that you can take your time to find the perfect place for you.

Start your research as early as possible so that you will get enough time to compare options and select the right property. You can also take advantage of brokers or real estate agents. Tell them your requirements and they will provide the best options within your budget.

Set your budget

Before you dive into booking packers and movers services to get your goods packed and moved, it’s important for you to set your moving budget. You must know how much you should spend on your move. Moving to a new state is not cheap and it’s extremely important to set your budget in advance to avoid any unwanted surprises later.

Consider all the expenses you will bear during the move. From traveling costs to packers and movers charges, packing supply costs,  and insurance charges, consider all. Use a moving cost calculator tool to estimate the approximate cost and set your budget.

Decide how will you move

You can move by yourself or hire professional packers and movers in India. But, what mode of transportation you will choose depends on a few factors. And one of the major factors is your budget. The budget you have set will decide whether you will hire packers and movers or move by yourself. But, it is advised to move with experts only because they are trained and skilled personnel, who help you pack and move without any hassles. Long-distance moves involve too many risks.

There are different ways to transport your possessions. You can book a rental truck to transport goods or hire a moving company. They will transport your goods using a right-sized truck or trailer. They have a fleet of vehicles of every size. Also, offers shared truck transport and a dedicated truck transport facility that suits everyone’s budget. Considering your budget, select the right transport logistics.

Have a packing plan

Whether you are going to do it yourself or professional packers and movers, it’s important to have a packing plan in place. You should know what to pack and what to leave behind. Go through all your goods and look for the goods that you want to keep, toss, and donate. This will help you to move with only useful and important goods. You can cut down the cost of moving unwanted goods.

Gather all the packing supplies. Ask local vendors for free carton boxes. You can also ask your friends if they have recently relocated and have any packaging materials. Have a packing station where you will place all the packaging materials and items to pack. Pack all the items room-by-room and do not mix items. And, pack one essential bag for each member of the family. This will carry their personal belongings and essentials that will help you all survive the initial days in your new house.

Transfer bank accounts

It’s important to transfer your bank accounts and change the home branch. This way you can smoothly operate your account in the new state as well. Otherwise, you will have to visit the home branch for every important transaction. The process will take a few days so get it done at least a week before you move.


If you have rented a truck to transport your goods or hired packers and movers in India, then confirm the dates with your service providers. Keep everything pre-arranged before the arrival of the movers. After the departure of the truck from your place, you too start your journey.

Proper planning is a key to successful interstate relocation. and all the steps given above will help you plan an interstate move considering every important aspect that will make your move smoother and easier. Just follow the steps and have a hassle-free interstate move.

In Conclusion

Home shifting or moving cannot be fun but it should be stressful either. Hence, we have created this useful guide for you all to plan your interstate move. With the advance planning of hiring the best interstate packers and movers Bangalore to Delhi, setting a moving budget, packing essential items, etc. you will streamline the process of interstate moving.

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