5 Tips To Choose The Best Credit Card For Travel

Whether travelling from home to your workplace or taking a road trip to your favourite destination, managing your travel expenses is vital. Getting one of the best fuel credit cards can be a smart option to stay ahead of the rising fuel prices and travel affordably. 

These cards offer perks like:

  • Waivers for fuel surcharge
  • Cashback and reward points on fuel purchases
  • Special deals and discounts on getting fuel at partner stations
  • Benefits on other transactions 

That being said, choosing the best fuel credit card for yourself can seem like an impossible task. Here are some tips that can help you make this choice with ease. 

  • Check the Cashback and Discounts

The main USP of a fuel card is that you can benefit from the cashback and discounts it provides. Some cards give you cashback on your fuel purchases, meaning you get a part of the amount you spent on purchasing fuel back in your bank account. 

You also get discounts when you get fuel at partner gas stations and additional fuel discounts during special offers or festivals. Also, keep in mind that the fuel surcharge is an additional fee that is included in your bill.

The good news is that with a fuel credit card, you can avoid paying it since most companies waive this charge off up to a specific sum every month. So, identify the best credit card offers related to fuel before finalising an option.

  • Be Aware of Non-Fuel Benefits

Apart from the fuel benefits, you must also look for other advantages that can elevate your travel or lifestyle, such as:

  1. Complimentary meals at airlines
  2. Discounted stays at various hotel chains
  3. Hotel and airline membership discounts
  4. Free cab services to and from hotels or airports 
  5. Complimentary access to train or airport lounges 
  6. Discounts on dining and movie tickets
  7. Cashback on paying utility and mobile bills
  8. Complimentary travel and other forms of insurance covers 
  • Don’t Just Consider Co-Branded Cards

While it may seem like the best fuel credit cards are those offered in association with petroleum companies, you actually have unlimited choices. Instead of simply considering co-branded credit cards, pay attention to all the rewards offered by a credit card. 

Most credit cards today offer fuel surcharge waivers, and you can get many more discounts and deals on travel and lifestyle expenses alongside this benefit. There are many cards that accelerate your access to earning rewards, enjoying sign-up bonuses and more. 

  • Consider the Fees and Charges

While choosing a fuel credit card to manage your fuel and other travelling expenses, you must also check all the fees associated with the card. Like every credit card, these cards also come with certain fees and charges, including:

  1. Joining fees
  2. Renewal fees
  3. ATM cash withdrawal charges
  4. Late payment fees
  5. Interest charges applied to outstanding dues

If not budgeted for beforehand, these can come as a shock and increase your costs significantly. Some issuers do not inform you about all the charges, which is why they are known as hidden charges. Being vigilant can help you steer clear of such charges and get a card that keeps costs to the minimum.

  • Understand the Rewards System

Reward points are another reason why credit cards are so popular. You earn these points on every transaction you make. These points keep getting accumulated, and you can redeem them for a number of perks, like:

  1. Discounts on flight bookings
  2. Complimentary hotel stays
  3. Discounts on travel packages
  4. Getting shopping vouchers and gift cards

The smart thing to do is to opt for a credit card that comes with no rewards redemption fee, has an easy process to redeem points and offers you points that do not expire quickly. 


  • Assess Usage and Acceptance

Be aware of which fuel station your chosen card is valid in and if this suits your needs. This is the only way you will be able to leverage the full potential of fuel credit cards. You may also use the card when you are travelling and driving overseas. Check its validity in international locations too and see if you can get other perks. 

It can also be helpful for you to make a budget and understand how much you are spending on fuel in every given month as well as your other travelling expenses. This will allow you to access how using the card can result in savings. 

When choosing the ideal credit card for travel, don’t forget to check the eligibility criteria. If you want simplicity, purchasing power and no hidden fees, consider the One Credit Card. 

To facilitate easy travel expenses and enhance your savings, this card offers easy EMI conversions, up to 5X rewards on top spends, fuel surcharge waivers and value back on fuel transactions, no joining and no annual fees. You can also benefit from the best credit card offers on dining, shopping and myriad other transactions. Apply online now to enjoy its benefits right away! 

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